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Selecting The Right Bench For Your Crop Can Make All The Difference

GGS has been designing, improving, manufacturing, and building quality benches for growers for over 35 years.

Flood Benches:

Flood Bench

Flood benches are great for helping to control irrigation and fertilization costs.  By re-circulating water, fertilizer not used by the plants is available for the next cycle.  It’s environmentally friendly.  Also, flood benches help lower disease by keeping leaves dry.


GGS produces Ebb and Flood Benches with either aluminum trays or plastic liners depending on the crop and the grower’s preferences.  Hot Dipped Galvanized adjustable stands enable you to install your flood benches with the perfect pitch for quickly draining irrigation water away from the plants.  Your pots never need to sit in water longer than you want.

Expanded metal tops:


These tops offer the advantage of lower costs and greater flexibility for crop variety.  Ideal for garden centers as well as growers, the mitered corners on GGS sides won’t snag your employees’ or customers clothing.

Like all GGS benches, our steel stands are hot dipped galvanized after manufacturing to ensure optimum protection against corrosion.


Trough Benches:

Troughs, like Flood Benches are ideal for bottom watering your pots. Troughs are rolled out on site so each trough is a continuous piece the length of your bench. GGS adjustable stands enable growers to slope the trough from one end of the bench to the other so water flows continuously under your pots.

While troughs reduce your flexibility in adjusting pot sizes, the gap between each irrigation trough improves vertical air flow and helps dry the crop evenly. Irrigation troughs like flood benches allow a grower to reduce fertilizer consumption by re-circulating water.


Rolling versus Stationary benches:

Rolling Bench Man

The main advantage of rolling benches is the ability to gain additional production space by eliminating walkways.  In a typical production greenhouse bench layout, rolling benches will give you 24% – 33% more production space.

Rolling benches roll on 2 inch diameter roll tubes, the diameter ensures a smooth roll for long benches.  GGS has provided customers with benches in excess of 200 feet long


Display Benches:

greenhouse11Garden Centers require something different from their benches.  Benches should add to the style of a garden center as well as provide accessible storage and display of your plants. 

Multi-tiered benches are perfect for displaying plants, and they can be designed to be freestanding, or we can build them to attach to the greenhouse walls.


Whatever your benching needs, GGS is here to help Growers Grow. Contact us


Zombie Premier!

They're Back!


While you wait for the latest Reggie adventure to be released, why not relive last year’s Zombie Adventures  GGS Greenhouses Good for Plants Bad for Zombies

Cannabis Consulting: What Marijuana Growers Need To Know

In designing an efficient facility to grow medical marijuana, it is important that a well thought out plan is prepared and agreed to. Without this the cost of the project will escalate far above the budget. This plan needs to take into consideration all the requirements outlined in the regulations prepared by the governing body and the regulations of the municipality where the facility will be constructed.

 In preparing the plan, it is advisable to have the participation of the master grower as he/she will ultimately be responsible for the quality and quantity of product grown. When the master grower is not onboard during the consulting phase, it is necessary to have more than one alternative available for discussion and budgeting.

 The plan needs to cover among other things:

  • Location
  • Enclosed warehouse building or greenhouse
  • Size of facility, number of rooms for veg, flowering, clones, mother plants, etc.
  • HVAC or other heating and cooling methods  
  • Need for odor control
  • Ventilation
  • Growing method (pots on the ground or on benches, troughs, flood trays, etc)
  • CO2  dosing
  • Irrigation requirements depending on the growing method, the number of fertilizer recipes, the need for RO water purification, fertilizer water to waste or recirculation, etc.
  • Lighting (HPS, MH, LED, florescent, induction, etc. ) and if it is supplemental as in a greenhouse, or primary lighting in a warehouse.
  • Blackout shading for photoperiod for greenhouse growers
  • Computer controls
  • Mezzanine construction, and accessibility requirements for anything on additional floors
  • Maximizing use of available space

In addition to the above, the plan needs to take into consideration site security, testing labs, storage, vault, offices, packaging, shipping etc. Much of this depends on the regulations and does not affect the growing of the product.  GGS specializes in advanced growing systems and design, for the components that do not involve growing cannabis we work with an extensive network of professionals and can assist you in putting together the best team for your needs.

 The extent of GGS’s input into the plan will depend on the in-house expertise and an initial meeting is needed to determine the amount of input that is required from GGS. This can be of a conceptual nature or it can include drawings, specifications, proposals from outside suppliers, etc. Once this has been agreed to, GGS can quote a fixed price or can work by the hour in developing the plan.

Contact us if you want to discuss this further.

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