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GGS Bought A Helicopter Sticky


For our customers it won't come as a surprise that GGS is always striving to help our customers explore ways to make their businesses more profitable. Experimenting with new technology is one way that we help our customers.

Recently we decided to enter the exciting world of RC Drones.

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Marijuana: Not Enough Research


Research Greenhouse

                                                                                                Photos courtesy of:  JGS Limited  Research Greenhouse Specialists

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Here Come The Drones


At GGS we believe that success means we have helped our customers grow.  To help you grow we listen to your concerns, hear what your needs are, and we actively watch what is going on in the world around us.  This enables us to provide better technology, more responsive services, and higher quality products to your farms.

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Gutter Connected Greenhouse Lean-to 101


A greenhouse Lean-to is one of the most versatile additions to a gutter connect greenhouse range that any greenhouse manufacturer can offer you. Consider the different ways a Lean-to structure can add production space, improve productivity, and provide connectivity to your greenhouse range.

Lean-tos are used for a number of applications – storage, extra bench spacing, propagation, extra growing space, connecting halls.  If you retail, it can be a good place for extra stock during the busy spring months, or used as a window display area if covered in glass.

There are 3 major different types of Lean-tos:

  • The Connecting Lean-to:


This style of Lean-to connects your warehouse, or store front to the greenhouse range or greenhouse garden center.  Most often the connecting lean-to slopes away from a warehouse wall in a straight slope.  However they can also be manufactured into a curved arch design similar to your greenhouse arch.  The optimal style for a connecting lean-to will depend on the width of the area you wish to cover and the difference in height between your building façade and the greenhouse gutter.

Connecting Lean-tos are engineered to account for additional snow load created by the main warehouse building.  The direction and the length of the slope of your warehouse building are considered when we design and manufacture these.


  • The Sidewall Lean-to:

This style of Lean-to is most often chosen for adding additional square footage within a comfortable budget. Ideal for greenhouse growers who plan to expand onto a sidewall in the future, the sidewall lean-to provides an arch from the gutter to the grade.

The second most common reason greenhouse growers choose this style of lean-to is to maximize coverage of your property.  Sidewall lean-tos can be designed for various widths making it a valuable option if you have a little extra room on your property but cannot fit a full sized greenhouse bay. 



  • The Gutter height adjusting Lean-to:


This style of Lean-to is most often required over time as greenhouse expansions take advantage of the improved growing environment that taller gutter heights give you.

Covering growing area between gutters of different heights can be designed with a straight slope similar to the Connecting Lean-to, but is more often accomplished with a specially rolled arch in order to maintain the same footprint as the gutter connected range.  Custom rolled arches are an economical way to manufacture a greenhouse roof, and maintaining the same footprint is much easier for your ongoing production planning.

Recently the NGMA (National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association) published their annual Structures Report.  Many growers responded to this survey saying they are planning to expand their greenhouse operation this year, however most felt their expansion plans would be less than 10,000 square feet. If you are a grower like those surveyed by the Greenhouse Manufacturers Association, a lean-to may be exactly what you are looking for.

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10 Commercial Greenhouse Improvements for Best Value Returns



Side View of Garden Centre

There are many reasons to make improvements in a commercial greenhouse, modernizing your greenhouse can reduce maintenance costs, or make productivity improvements, or improve the greenhouse environment for better growing, or maybe you want to add some extra growing space.  Whatever the reason it is important to understand what the goal is before you talk to your greenhouse manufacturer.

  1. Replacing stationary benches with rolling benches can add 25% more production space compared to conventional stationary bench layouts. By eliminating the extra aisles needed for stationary benches, rolling benches are a much more efficient use of your greenhouse.
  2. Bringing in material handling systems like double rail carts or Rotating Basket Systems can greatly increase productivity. Remember if your material handling system is supported by the greenhouse you need to make sure the greenhouse design will handle these loads. Greenhouse manufacturers and equipment suppliers work together to design systems that integrate well.
  3. Install energy curtains. Energy curtains will result in significant heat savings in the winter – between 20 to 40 percent for northern greenhouses. They also provide shade and help keep your greenhouse cool in the summer months. Shade systems and energy curtains can be added to most gutter connect and freestanding greenhouses.  Greenhouse manufacturers like GGS are able to retrofit most existing greenhouses.
  4. Upgrade your boiler to a high efficiency boiler, or if you are using unit heaters, change to high efficiency heaters.  Not only will the increased efficiency leave more money in your pocket each winter, it’s also good for the environment.
  5. Consider ebb and flood benches, or trough benches. The savings potential in irrigation water and fertilizer can justify the cost of the benches with a favourable ROI.
  6. Increasing ventilation on your greenhouse provides better flexibility for your growing environment to reduce humidity, increase air flow, or help to harden plants. Rollup curtains can be added on to any hoop house or gutter connected poly sidewalls or poly end walls, and can be manually operated or hooked up with a simple motor. Hard glazed sides and ends can be fitted with swinging vents, and in most cases we can reuse the existing sidewall glazing. And if you don’t already have roof ventilation: GGS manufactures gutter vents, and ridge vents that can be added to most greenhouse arches.
  7. Adding a Lean-to to the side of your existing gutter connected greenhouse is the most economical production space a greenhouse manufacturer can provide you.  If you are looking to expand your greenhouse operation but don’t have the budget or the demand for a large scale construction project a lean-to may just be the answer you are looking for.
  8. Put in an environmental control system, or update your current environmental control system. The capabilities of the computerized environmental controls today are amazing.  If you don’t know where to begin talk to your greenhouse manufacturer.  At GGS we work with all the major control companies, and we are happy to assist growers in selecting the controls that best suit your needs.
  9. A simple little thing like adding HAF fans inside your greenhouse can have a beneficial effect on both your crop and your workforce. At GGS we provide you with HAF fan layouts to maximize consistent airflow in your greenhouse and eliminate dead areas. If your greenhouse has hot spots in the summer it’s not just your plants that may be lagging, creating a good working environment will lead to more productive workers too.
  10. Reglazing the roof. If you are growing in a poly greenhouse the reglazing is part of your regular maintenance schedule. But, 8mm PCSS roofs, Acrylic, and even glass can get dull, or damaged. When looking at how to get more out of your greenhouse consider the light levels you need and review your roof glazing.
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GGS Bought A Helicopter Part 2


GGS Bought A Helicopter Part 2

Just over a month ago GGS Structures Inc invested in a drone. We were interested in what the tiny yet powerful device could mean to the greenhouse industry.

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Top Takeaways to Excite the Next Generation


Exciting The Next Generation

It's been an exciting show this year and to wrap up Cultivate 14 we have created a slideshow of the highlights and Top Ten Takeaways . We hope to see you all again next year!

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The WoW Effect for Garden Centers


Location, location, location. Doesn’t tell the whole story does it? Getting the customers in the door requires more than just setting up in a high traffic location. Keeping them coming back is where you really unleash the power of WoW.

WoW provides a total customer experience. WoW defines a Garden Center’s personality.

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Want a Google Glass? Next week you can, if you have a US address.


We have been posting a lot about Google Glass, and how it can help in business - specifically in greenhouses, retail garden centers, and in our own manufacturing plant. We were lucky to be invited into the Glass Explorer Program early, and have been testing the device since last year.

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