Our top priority is the quality of your plant environment. At GGS Structures, we are commercial greenhouse builders and designers with the end result in mind: A Quality Commercial Greenhouse Environment. We offer the highest-quality structures, including Cold Frame, High Tunnel, Freestanding Greenhouse, Venlo-Style Greenhouses, Wide-Span Greenhouses, Curved Glass Greenhouses for sale, and Poly Covered Greenhouses with Gutters.

Project Description

GGS’ freestanding greenhouses are a great option for floriculture, nursery, and produce crops. Especially suitable for growers who need unique environments for different crops, this type of greenhouse offers a more natural airflow and optimizes space.




  • Suitable for use in even the harshest of climates
  • Ideally suited for professional growers who require unique environments for different crops
  • Provides economical growing space
  • Specially designed swinging side vent and the double ridge vents allow for a more natural airflow
  • Dramatically sloped arch design optimizes the useable space for growing bench crops as well as hanging baskets




  • Standard widths: 24’, 27’, 30’, 31’, and 35’ (for smaller widths, see Coldframes)
  • Arches on either 4' or 6' Centers
  • Straight ridge purlins
  • Straight or curved side purlins
  • Anchor posts or flat bottom brackets
  • 3 piece arch design
  • Full set of construction blueprints & material list breakdown for construction

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