Our top priority is the quality of your plant environment. At GGS Structures, we are commercial greenhouse builders and designers with the end result in mind: A Quality Commercial Greenhouse Environment. We offer the highest-quality structures, including Cold Frame, High Tunnel, Freestanding Greenhouse, Venlo-Style Greenhouses, Wide-Span Greenhouses, Curved Glass Greenhouses for sale, and Poly Covered Greenhouses with Gutters.

Project Description

Ideal for multi-crop operations, gutter-connected poly greenhouses feature superior airflow and temperature control. Its gothic arch or peak ensures superior condensation control. This greenhouse design is highly versatile and can be easily customized.

The Versatility of a Poly-Covered Gutter Connected Greenhouses

GGS poly-covered greenhouses with gutters have superior airflow and temperature control. These industrial greenhouses are suitable for multiple and varied vegetable crops, plants and flower crops. The roofs maximize condensation control with single-piece arch construction rolled to form Gothic peaks. The steeper peak also assists in shedding ice and snow more efficiently than quonset arches. There are many ventilation options for GGS gutter connected greenhouses whether you are interested in natural ventilation or forced air cooling.

Gutter connected industrial greenhouses are ideal choices for growers with multiple crops. Additionally, they are among the most easily customizable types of greenhouses for farmers growing or diversifying their operations. Multiple environments can be achieved by creating different zones within one larger greenhouse block. Gutter connected greenhouses can easily be expanded in ways that optimize land use and create production efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • GGS greenhouses with gutters are versatile industrial greenhouses designed for vegetable crops or floriculture.
  • A single piece arch rolled into a gothic peak for superior condensation control.
  • Gutter vents and other natural ventilation options for the most effective and efficient airflow possible
  • Poly-covered gutter connected greenhouses by GGS are the most economical greenhouse for large commercial growers
  • Standard widths: 16’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’ 6” (32’, 36’, 42’, 48’ - Widespan)
  • Typical under gutter heights are 14' - 24'
  • Galvanized gutters for superior protection against corrosion
  • Posts are rated for 55,000 psi tensile strength
  • 1 1/2" diameter ridge purlins
  • Oval arches
  • Swaged gutter connection
  • Post spacing on 12' Centers
  • Trusses are hot dipped galvanized after fabrication
  • Full set of construction blueprints and material list breakdown for construction

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