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Greenhouse Mushroom Production

In our previous post, we discussed the advantages of growing mushrooms in greenhouses.

It is essential that we take the time to understand mushrooms better to make informed decisions about our production. We must consider all aspects of mushroom quality, from texture and flavor to color and size. You must take the time to understand mushrooms better to make informed decisions about your production because all aspects of mushroom quality are significant.

Advantages of Growing Mushrooms in a Greenhouse

Greenhouse production has seen a surge in growth over the years, with climate change and the ever-growing demand for produce.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers have been regular staples for some time now, with eggplant added only several years ago. If current trends hold steady, mushrooms and strawberries could soon be major players in this industry like lettuce and greens, for example. 

As GGS Structures continues to explore potential new crops that could be grown in greenhouses, we are actively keeping an eye on the developments in the industry. 

All You Need to Know About Greenhouse Pest Control

All You Need to Know About Greenhouse Pest Control

There are several greenhouse pests that can be detrimental to your crops if not controlled through a comprehensive pest management program. Pest control in greenhouses is essential to maintaining the health and strength of your plants.

Reducing pest damage is and should always be a top priority for commercial growers or retail garden center operations.

Measures to Follow for Effective Pest Control

how to heat a greenhouse

Winter Is on the Way: Learn How to Heat a Greenhouse

With the arrival of winter, temperatures are a common concern for commercial greenhouse production since it is a threat of frost damage, pests, and humidity.

During winter months in the United States, particularly in December, greenhouse structures require a more efficient heating system to maintain healthy crops inside.

Winter this year will start on the 21st of December, and to ensure your greenhouse is prepared for cold weather, you must understand how greenhouse temperature works and which is the best heat source.

How to Build a Greenhouse: Everything You Need to Know

Professional greenhouses are an excellent resource for those interested in entering the commercial farming industry. However, only some understand how they work precisely.

Learning how to build a greenhouse before embarking on a commercial project can be a rewarding experience for you and your company.