Considerable fuel is wasted each year from bare heating system pipes in areas where heat is not needed.

Often in boiler rooms the main pipe lines from the boilers are not insulated - this represents unnecessary heat loss and can cost the grower valuable energy.

The amount of heat loss from a heating pipe depends on three things; the temperature of the pipe, the diameter of the pipe, and the conditions surrounding the pipe. Basically, the energy loss from the pipe is higher as the temperature within the pipe rises, as the diameter increases, and as the temperature around the pipe gets lower.

To avoid such energy losses the GGS design team considers this heat loss and insulates where necessary. The insulation used by GGS is 2” – 2.5” covered in an aluminum jacketing. This insulation properly insulates hydronic piping with the aluminum jacketing providing a professional, neat appearance in the greenhouse environment. The jacketing comes with a factory applied moisture barrier to keep the insulation dry and it actually reflects the light in the greenhouse rather than taking light away from the plants.

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