The perfect nursery environment. Whether you are looking for a Coldframe, High Tunnel, Freestanding Greenhouse, or a Venlo, Curved Glass or Poly Covered Gutter Connected structure, when designing a greenhouse structure we start with the end result in mind: A Quality Commercial Greenhouse Environment.

Nursery growers have unique challenges in crop management primarily due to a large land area and a vast variety of crops grown. To be a successful nursery operator in today’s climate requires production efficiency, and multiple flexible environments that can be tailored to your changing crop needs. In addition to crop production areas many nursery operations have evolved to include a retail model which supplements the wholesale nursery business.

At GGS we understand there is not a one type fits all greenhouse environment in the nursery industry. Whether you are looking for ground to ground structures like cold frames and freestanding greenhouses, or gutter connect ranges, GGS structures are built strong and designed to provide ideal growing environments for changing crop SKUs. GGS provides nursery businesses with the largest product line of overwintering tunnel houses, shade structures, and environmentally controlled greenhouses.

And for the split retail/wholesale nursery, GGS is able to offer solutions to attract shoppers and maintain an enjoyable retail experience.

Custom commercial nursery greenhouses
Commercial farmers are immensely important to the earth and its population. Every grower, small or large, produces a distinctive variety of produce and plants, and every farmer needs structures that cater to their own specific needs.

GGS has been making custom greenhouses and structures for commercial farmers since 1979. Our structures are designed to keep farms at high levels of operation and long-term success. We commit ourselves to our customers with precise attention to detail, quality solutions and projects that finish within your farm’s timeframe and budget needs.

Benefits of a commercial nursery greenhouse
Professional growers need structures that give them flexibility, protection, easy maintenance, and cost control. A customized commercial nursery growing facility from GGS offers several advantages to growers.

  • Appropriate and adjustable space. A customized greenhouse helps the grower organize product lines more effectively by giving them the space they need and the ability to alter it according to their specifications.
  • Maintaining the perfect environment. A commercial greenhouse creates the ideal growing atmosphere for plants, by providing some protection from pests, contaminants, and environmental uncertainty, as well as controls to adjust temperature, humidity, light, ventilation, etc.
  • Control over heat and humidity. No matter what the weather’s like outside or what season it is, an enclosed nursery structure gives the grower the ability to create and maintain the temperature and climate necessary for the crops they produce.
  • Consistent product quality. A commercial greenhouse allows for better monitoring and quality assurance, making it easier to produce plants and products that meet high standards of excellence and stability.

Recommended options for nursery greenhouse design
GGS offers numerous options for industrial nursery greenhouses, each of which gives farmers an edge in creating the perfect environment for their product. Some of our most versatile and popular structures and options include:

  • Gutter Connected Poly Greenhouses. Farmers growing single crops benefit from high arch construction and connectivity of these vaulted structures. With maximum control over ventilation and temperature, having a larger footprint under one roof increases production efficiency. Gutter Connected Poly Greenhouses can also accommodate different growing zones for multiple varieties of crops that require different growing environments. Inside walls and gables can completely section off areas of the greenhouse so different environments can be adjusted for different zones.
  • Coldframes. These ground to ground cost effective structures are easy to construct and have for decades been the go to crop cover for both large nursery operations and new or novice growers who want an easy-to-build solution for crop areas. Coldframes are sometimes called Hoop Houses or Tunnel Houses because the arches connect to ground posts and form a tunnel. Mostly covered with white plastic for overwintering nursery crop these structures can also be covered with clear greenhouse poly for a cost effective growing area.
  • Shade Structures. Where coldframes are most popular for covering crops over winter to protect against frost and ice, shade structures help relieve plant stress in hot summer months. Shade over top nursery plants will reduce watering requirements by decreasing heat stress caused by excessive direct sunlight. Shade structures are cost-effective and easy to install and customize to your layout. Additionally, at GGS we offer shade structures that can later be converted to greenhouses by adding the gutter and roof at a later date. This maximizes flexibility for nursery growers who intend to continue expanding their farm. Shade structures are also popular with Garden Centers: Not only is the plant protected from the intensity of the summer sun, the consumer shopping experiences are also improved.
  • High Tunnel Crop Protectors. Designed to cover crops during shoulder seasons these structures are easy to assemble on any farm. For farmers who can get a jump on spring planting, and reap the benefits of an extended fall harvest season there is nothing better. Cover the crop in the early spring to protect against frost and you gain precious weeks over other field crops so you can start picking when prices are still at a premium. During hot summer months the plastic is left open so the crop grows as usual. Come fall, as field production is wrapping up, the poly roof can easily be pulled down to close up the crop and protect against those early autumn frosts. While all the field production stops the Crop Protector high tunnel let’s these farmers keep picking and benefiting again from rising prices.
  • Greenhouse Lean-tos. Whether connecting separate greenhouses with varied gutter heights or adding some additional economical space to a greenhouse sidewall, lean-tos are a cost effective way to add storage space or additional growing space to gutter connected greenhouses.
  • Fabric Covered Buildings. These large dome structures are being used more and more by commercial nursery growers and garden centers for storing bulk soil, and equipment. Not a growing building, the fabric covered buildings are both more cost effective than traditional metal buildings and easier to construct. Using the same principles of greenhouse design, GGS designs our Fabric Covered Buildings so greenhouse construction crews can quickly assemble them on any farm. Whatever you need to cover, these structures can cover all.

Advantages of nursery greenhouse designs from GGS
Our custom solutions for commercial nursery greenhouses help growers gain the upper hand in several competitive and practical ways.

  • Longer growing seasons. GGS greenhouses shield produce and plants from climate conditions that emerge during seasonal changes, allowing growers to retain heat during the cold and keep temperature variations to a minimum.
  • Wider plant variety. A custom greenhouse allows farmers to maximize the diversity and quality of their crops, even plants that aren’t native to their local area can be successfully grown by adjusting the greenhouse environment to suit the needs of the plants.
  • Protection from outside elements. Custom greenhouses keep harmful pests and artificial pesticides at bay and mitigate other ecological problems from outside exposure.
  • Easier environment optimization. The increased ability to effectively manage temperature, airflow, lighting, and humidity helps broaden the range of what growers can produce.
  • Better energy and cost management. Being able to control the elements within the greenhouse can help growers conserve more energy and reduce overall utility costs.

Solutions for your commercial nursery growing facility
With their integrated solutions for nursery greenhouse design, GGS helps farmers build the perfect growing conditions for all the produce and plants they offer. We give our clients a full range of options for accessorizing and refining their greenhouses, including:

  • Construction options. From complete greenhouses to additional shades and covers, our buildings are designed to fit and maximize your space with special attention to details like arch style, quality steel, and protection against the elements.
  • Ventilation. We provide an array of ventilation setups, including raised gutter vents, roof vents, gables, side vents, rollup sides, barriers, and continuous vent systems in peaks or catwalks.
  • Lighting. Our lighting systems designed with modern LED or traditional HPS technology produce the right situational exposure to light for each crop you grow.
  • Curtain systems. We install several choices for curtains that help control shading, save energy costs, and enhance your greenhouse’s overall environment, including blackout screens and single, double, or triple curtains that open and close automatically.
  • Netting screens. Our insect screens keep pests away from your greenhouse and can be customized to fit roof, gutter, or ridge vents, as well as sidewalls, lean-tos, and Venlo greenhouse windows.
  • Benches and carts. Stationary or rolling benches are easy to build and install in trays and troughs. Our rail carts are available for both single and double rails, covering the entire width of your greenhouse and cutting work time by as much as 50%.

We’re eager to help you build the perfect environment for your commercial or industrial farm. Contact our GGS team to find out more about building a greenhouse solution that works specifically for you.

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